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College and University Prints

Rich Traditions University Art Prints are a unique graduation gift idea for a relative, a friend, an old college classmate, or that “hard to buy for” person.  Perfect for graduation gifts, campus art prints are also great for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and other special occasions.  Please check the page for each college or university to view all the styles available.  Also, check Rich Traditions Art Blog to see what we’re adding next…the series of College and University artwork and prints will continue to grow.  

We personally visit each college and university where Rich photographs most of the academic buildings and special points of interest in and around the campus. 

As our university series has evolved, most of the schools (over 1,000) that we now have are represented in Style “A”.

Style A



Style “B” was our first photographic style where the school name is within the image. 

We changed from Watercolor to Photography in order to create more college and university prints.

Style B


Style “C” represents my watercolor paintings.  Many of the watercolor images were done with the school name below the image.  

Style C

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